Alpha Dog

Special thanks to Asthma for coming onto the show. Also thanks to Lunchlady and Dr_Punchy the numbers this week.

Featured in this show:

  • Brian asks some hard hitting questions
  • A man helps promote the new Dog the Bounty Hunter movie
  • Skype messes up my caller ID again
  • I play the ending to the call from last weeks show

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  1. I would say “Worst show you’ve ever done” because of the the ‘craigslist audition’ calls. But the motel calls made up for it. You should do those more often.

    Also, Considering you were willing to call the phone numbers in my area. Would you be willing to do car ding calls? I’ve also wanted to leave “Roy’s Lawn & Lube” signs in peoples yards at night. Then you can call and tell them wacky things. I would offer RBCP but he’s too local.

    1. Sure I would be willing to. I’m sure Arbie wouldn’t mind. Send me an email and I can give you a number to put down.

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